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Yantai Raffles first delivery goes to Jebsens

2010-04-13 11:21:29

---New self unloader VESTNES could be start of long relationship...

The handy size VESTNES is a state of the art vessel, which has a length of 175 meters and is designed to carry 30,000 tonnes of Heavy Cargo such as Coal and Rocks.

Mr. Brian Chang, Deputy Chairman of Yantai Raffles said

“We are very proud to announce our first delivery of 2010. This is a very memorable day for both Yantai Raffles and for Jebsens who have worked tirelessly over the past few years on this project.

“We are confident we can continue to build a long last relationship with Jebsens in the future“.

Her maiden voyage will be loading cargo from Northern China to be unloaded in Vietnam.


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