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EU withdraws Darfur poll monitors

2010-04-08 09:59:25

The European Union has withdrawn its election observers from Sudan's Darfur region, citing safety considerations.

The move comes ahead of presidential, legislative and municipal elections set for Sunday - which should be Sudan's first multi-party vote since 1986.

Opposition parties say the polls in Darfur are a farce while a seven-year conflict continues in the region.

South Sudan's main party, the SPLM, has said it will boycott the presidential poll, citing fraud and security fears.

Several other parties have also withdrawn from the elections or are threatening to do so.


"I have decided to go back with all the team of six observers that were still in Darfur," EU head of mission Veronique de Keyser told reporters.

Ms de Keyser said it was "impossible" to observe elections in a credible way given the "many safety limitations" in the region.

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